5 Best Free Software for Video Editing

In the world full of technology just like right now, people earn their income from many different ways. Unlike the traditional way, people go to the office and then get salary monthly, right now, people earn their incomes just by focusing on the hobby. The presence of YouTube with its monetizing ads helps so many video creator to earn their income just from the YouTube itself. That is why right now, people or content creator on YouTube is spread wide and compete to create the best video ever for the viewer to get a subscription and most view.

The phenomena above makes people now, especially the young generation, to focus on their hobby. Especially those young generations who love to make videos and publish it online to get earning, they will find the best software to edit videos they made in order to make a perfect video for the viewers. For starters or YouTube starters, they might find it difficult to download the paid software because of the budget limit. But, here will be served some references on software to edit videos that are free and you can download it anytime you want as long as you have a good internet connection. Important note, some of this software is indeed free, but you can also purchase it legally to appreciate the software maker.

In order to get these software free, you need to find the free download links with the cracks in FileHippo. Otherwise, you can still download the software, but in a trial mode that will be expired in some period of time. Well, let’s jump into the software discussion! Choose one of the software that suits your need as a video editor!

Lightworks (for Windows, Macintosh PC, and Linux)

Lightworks is the best video editor developed by EditShare EMEA. The video editing software has a variety of good tools and is widely used by Hollywood stars. Lightworks is equipped with a professional NLE (Non-Linear Editing) system for editing and mastering films with 2K and 4K resolutions. Lightworks is now embedded and synergized with several other video editing applications such as Adobe Lightworks, Sony Vegas, Avid, and others.

Final Cut Pro (for Mac OS X)

Learning to edit videos is really exciting especially using free video editing software called Final Cut Pro. This software is very suitable when used on Mac OS X PC devices. This editing video software is a pro editing software for videos and the application itself is developed by Macromedia Inc. and subsequently forwarded by Apple Inc. Entering in 2000, Final Cut Pro began to develop and expand new users, especially video hobbyists and independent filmmakers.

Windows Movie Maker (for Mac OS and Windows)

The best free video editing software this one is very suitable for use on Windows operating systems, yes according to its name. You can import or export videos freely and can also edit the cutting of video parts to merge into one good video. With Windows Movie Maker (WMM) we can easily create or edit videos. Windows Movie Maker software is provided free of charge. You only need to upgrade to PRO if it is needed.

Avidemux (for Mac OS and Windows)

Undeniably, the video is part of our daily lives. Avidemux is the best free video editing software for laptop computer PCs that can be used to cut, filter, manage, and encode videos according to what you want. You can speed up or slow down a video with the selected beat and pause. Usually, a good video-making technique is paying attention to the soft video cutting, matching light, synchronizing audio/song sound, and carefully calculating the video resolution, that is the correct FPS (Frame per Seconds) value. Avidemux is very suitable for use on computers with Windows operating systems.

VSCD Free Video Editor (for Mac OS and Windows)

This exciting application provides so many features in video editing that include drawing, tool selection, color and correction customization, transitions, audio effects equipment and more. That must be remembered, if the first time you use this application, then it’s good to learn first because this application is a little difficult for beginners. VSCD Free Video Editor can be downloaded for free. This software can be recommended for editing videos of the highest quality by editors. Debugger and dubbing are also available in VSCD Video Editor.

Actually, there is other software on the internet that you can also download for free. However, that 5 software that is described above is the best software that you can get for professional video editing. It means that if you want to be able to edit video professionally, and you really want to be a professional editor, you should learn those 5 best software in order to create amazing video. If you are a beginner for editing video and want to learn from the beginning, you should choose from the easiest one first. In the end, you might want to use Final Cut Pro because of this kind of software used for professional video editor these days.

Well, those are the free software that will help you in editing videos that you will publish on whatever platform. Just as been informed before, that software is actually can be purchased to get the full features, but if you do not have the budget yet, you can find the download link here at FileHippo Software and you can also download several additional software that might be useful for you.

4 Best LED TV Options for Your Ultimate Inexpensive Experience 

It is only logical if you want to know the alternatives for the best LED TV considering that such a TV has dominated the market. Sure, the new technology has presented sophisticated OLED TV but most people are still in love with their LED devices. After all, LED TVs have their own perk and advantages – they aren’t sensitive to burn-in and they have great brightness. It’s a good thing that there are some lists of the best LED devices out there – with each their strength and downsides.

Hisense 50H8F


As one of the best LED TV, this one is able to deliver satisfying performance and image in terms of rich colors and great contrast. The color performance is absolutely perfect when paired with the handy features to deliver a satisfying results. And another great thing about this TV is that you won’t have to dig deeper into your pocket to have a high-quality performance at home.

There are tons to love about this TV. The stylish and elegant design looks great with the bright panel. And let’s not forget that it is also an Android TV that gives you tons of flexibility and freedom in adjusting your entertainment needs. Unfortunately, the light bloom isn’t great because it can affect the effective shadow and contrast detail. But with 50 inches and crisp LED quality, you will definitely have a blast.

Vizio Quantum X P-Series

Vizio Quantum X P-Series 

Who says high-quality TV will cost you a fortune? This TV is a great example that you can still enjoy the 4K image without having to splurge a ton of money. This TV offers a wide color range as well as impressive contrast. It even supports Google Cast and AirPlay Apple 2. On the downside, though, this TV doesn’t support voice command (or remote) and the onboard apps are only a few. But in the overall quality, this LED 65 inches will give you a satisfying outcome.

Samsung Q90R

Samsung Q90R

This LED device is able to combine great color performance with impressive contrast technology. As a result, you will enjoy the best pictures only with bold and crisp image quality and color depth. The black levels are pretty impressive – and it even comes with a bright panel. The colors are accurate and wide. And when you combine it with One Connect box and sleek design, you get nice cable flexibility that makes everything easy. Despite its reputation as one of the best LED TV, it doesn’t have analog video inputs and Dolby Vision either. No need to worry, though, as it still delivers the promising outcomes.

TCL 55R625

TCL 55R625

One thing to like about this TV is the inexpensive tag price, which makes it possible for everyone to enjoy high-quality viewing performance without wasting a lot of money. With the combination of attractive design, bright panel, and wide color, it is pretty understandable if this device becomes a favorite. However, the voice technology is a bit underdeveloped and the HDR Bright mode isn’t too good.

If you are into tech and you want to read many different types of reviews, feel free to visit Best AREight. Not only you will get information about the best LED TV, but you can also get another info about other devices.

How to Calibrate TV on Your Own at Home with Step by Step

How to Calibrate TV

If you want to get a better image quality of the TV, then you need to know to how to calibrate TV. There is even a special and professional service for it, but it is costly. Not to mention that it is also time-consuming with special training and equipment. It doesn’t mean that you can’t do it on your own, though.

Get the Best Picture Mode

In general, the TV should have the so-called ISF picture mode providing complete settings for the calibration. Look for Theater or Cinema mode so you can start from there. In case those modes aren’t available, you can try the Custom mode. You may want to avoid the Sports, Game, or Vivid modes.

Warmest Color Setting

Color Setting

After you have found the right mode, then go for the Color Temperature. You need to set it to Warm. This is generally an accurate color scheme. From there, you can try accessing the RGB CMY or white balance calibration to reach the pinpoint accuracy (for the color levels) if you have the equipment. If not, then tweaking with the warmest (color) temperature present should do it.

Turn off the Picture Features – the Unnecessary Ones

You probably think that it is a good idea to have several picture setting tweaks options so you can ideally tweak the device. Unfortunately, they aren’t ideal for TV calibration. In how to calibrate the TV, the test patterns should be coming in fixed settings – and your TV isn’t adjusting itself automatically along the way.

When you access the Menu, find the Submenu sounding like Expert Picture, Picture Options, or Advanced Picture. Disable the features with Smoothing, Processing, Motion, Dynamic, and Adaptive on it. If you find the so-called Overscan, you should also turn it off.

Mind you, though, that disabling all the features with motion enhancing quality will reduce the soap opera effects. Motion enhancements are quite handy for video games or live sports, but the regular TV shows and movies will be just fine (and even better) to watch with those features being turned off.

Check the Picture Geometry

The most important thing about the TV setting and adjustment is to set it at the right display ratio. It isn’t about how you want to adjust the settings – it’s about the aspect ratio. If you have the cable boxes, it may present an issue especially if you are often switching between SD and HD channels. But if not, you can set everything up to the native resolution.

You need to find a button on the remote. Or go to the Picture Menu and access Aspect Ratio, Zoom, or Picture Size. Set it to Just Scan or Normal. Avoid choosing anything with Zoom, Wide, 3:4, or even 16:9 mode.

Set the Brightness

Don’t be fooled by this term because you will only tweak the black level of the TV. You only need to press right on the remote to test the Brightness. Do it until you see all the bars (in the middle) visible and then reduce it to only two bars.

Those are the general notes on how to do it all. Feel free to find other sources on how to calibrate TV that may suit your preference or your TV setting.

5 Best Laser Printer Recommendations For Your Office

Laser printers are one of the most sought after printers. The reason is that this printer can print documents faster. That way if you use this printer, you can save time if you have to print a lot of documents. The following are some of the best laser printers that can be your choice.

1. Brother DCP-L2540DW


This laserjet printer is a type of multifunction that can print, copy, and scan. So you can use it to print documents and scan them. As for the dimensions themselves, it ranges from 40.9 x 48.8 x 31.6 cm with a weight of 11.1 kg which is suitable for offices.

For the printing process, the Brother DCP-L2540DW has print and scan speeds of up to 30 sheets per minute in a resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi. For ease of printing, this Brother laser printer provides a USB port and can be connected via a WiFi connection. Another capability of this printer is that it can duplex or print on both sides.

2. Fuji Xerox DocuPrint P225

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint P225

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint P225 is the best laser printer. You can use it for office or home use. The ability of this laser printer from Fuji Xerox is to be able to print duplexes quickly and efficiently. The reason is that it has a print speed of up to 26 ppm.

In addition, it has a print resolution of 2400 dpi with paper tray input that can hold up to 250 sheets of paper. Then for the output tray can hold up to 100 sheets. Although not equipped with a connection via wifi, you can use an Ethernet slot to be more flexible. Including printing from a flash drive via a USB 2.0 slot.

3. Canon LBP 6030

Canon LBP 6030

On-Demand Fixingroller technology on the Canon LBP6030 makes it the best laser printer. The technology uses less power and heating compared to other printers. So the results of printing documents become faster.

In addition, this laser printer also uses the design of a Canon 325 toner cartridge all-in-one to further save costs. You also do not need to worry about power consumption, because there are settings for sleep mode. When activated, this sleep mode deactivates the printer for a certain period of time. So it will use less power.

4. HP Laserjet PRO M12W

HP Laserjet PRO M12W

The HP Laserjet PRO M12W is also the best multifunction laser printer. You can print, copy and scan documents with the printer. Besides this mono laser printer has a print speed of up to 18 ppm with a resolution of up to 600 dpi.

Interestingly, you can print wirelessly using a WiFi network. Or you can use a USB 2.0 port to print using a flash. Then the Paper tray can hold up to 150 sheets for various types of paper.

5. Brother HL- 2360DN

Brother HL- 2360DN

This best laser printer is also suitable for home or small-scale office printing needs because it is only for printing. But the Brother HL-2360DN has good printing speed with support for large paper containers. You can also operate it easily, especially if it is equipped with wireless connectivity.

The Brother HL-2360DN laser printer offers print resolutions up to 600 x 600dpi on paper with a maximum A4 size. This printer can also print up to 30ppm or 30 pages per minute. Interestingly, the Brother HL-2360DN is also able to print with alternating systems on both sides of the paper with a speed of 15 ppm.

That was about the best laser printer that has a pretty good performance. Of course, the advantages of each printer are very different and will affect the price. For that, you must pay attention to the printer that suits your financial condition and your needs. For that, you can read a complete review of the laser printer on Sylvia Juncosa Best Product Review Site.

Know The Bluestacks Latest Version Here!


Like other apps, Bluestacks also always develop their version. There are so many versions launched by the developer for app users. As you know, this is a popular app from America. There are so many investors who give their money here. It is one of the reasons the company can always develop its version. On the other hand, there are lots of people who don’t know about Bluestacks latest version. Lots of them think Bluestacks just has 1 version. So, here is some information for you about the Bluestacks version.

Bluestacks Version Update

As you know before that Bluestacks can launch in several app players. You not only can launch in the window, but you can also launch in macOS. In addition, Bluestacks also supports playing on Android. It is one of the benefits of Bluestacks. But you have to make sure to download it on the Bluestacks’s official website. It will answer your question about is Bluestacks safe. Besides flexible to launch in several app players, Bluestacks release several versions too. Find these versions here.

1. Bluestack 2

You might ever use this version. There are lots of people who use this Bluestacks version. As its name suggests, this is the second version of Bluestacks. The Bluestacks company released this version in June 2012. This will make it possible to launch in macOS X 10.9. You also can run several android apps in this version.

2. Bluestacks TV

There are lots of people who love to use this version. You probably never thought of this version before. This version was launched in April 2016, one year after the second version launched. This version makes it possible to connect several apps to Twitch TV. You can also stream these apps without any additional hardware. This version also makes it possible to live on Facebook.

3. Bluestacks 3

Bluestacks 3

This is the third version of Bluestacks that can be used. You will find the App Center in this new version. It makes you possible to edit your personal account. In addition, you can also personalize game suggestions here. There are several new features that can be used here like chat and multi-instance.

4. Bluestacks 4

This version was launched in September 2018 as Bluestacks latest version. This version provides various features that make you possible to organize the app easier. You customize your games’ support in this version. In addition, it also offers you a clean user interface. It makes you possible to save more memory usage. This version is also available for the latest version of macOS. It can be downloaded on the official website of Bluestacks.

5. Bluestacks 4 64-Bit Beta

After launching the latest version of 4 versions, the company also developed Bluestacks 4 64-Bit Beta. It will save memory usage. If you have Windows 8, it is also possible to play in this Windows version. This latest version is also possible to install several apps to save more memory usage.

After getting information about Bluestacks latest version, make it possible to install any version of this app. The latest version will give you more effective usage of Bluestacks. The most important is choosing the Bluestacks version according to your app player type. It is very helpful, right?

How to Remove Audio From A Video Easily

How To Remove Audio From A Video

Adding music to a video can make the video more dramatic and give a different effect to video. Therefore, to give the best effect, it is best to remove the original audio from the video. How to remove audio from a video can be tricky because it can affect the quality of the video. Therefore, when you remove the audio, make sure it doesn’t compress the quality of the video.

There are many ways people can edit and move audio from a video. But to make it easy, people can just download editing programs or media players that provide this feature. Usually using these apps, people can easily remove the audio without having to destroy the quality of the video. The steps in each app are usually the same, so it doesn’t matter which app people use. Here are the easy steps on how to remove audio from a video that you can try:

How to Remove Audio From A Video Easy To Follow

1. Download App

To help you have the best quality of the video, download an editing program like Filmora for Windows or KineMaster for Android that can help remove audio. Download an app that doesn’t change the quality of the video or the sound.


If you are planning to use it only for one-two videos, then download a free version app. The free version provides the feature to remove audio from a movie. When you have downloaded the app, install it too.

2. Open/ Add the Video

Next, open the app and choose the menu to add video/ convert. When you choose this menu, you will get to choose which video to upload. Make sure the format of the video can be opened by an app that you have chosen.

3. Remove the Audio

In each app, you will see an option to edit/cut/remove. Usually, these are the options that will appear on the menu. Choose one of the menus that appears. You will then get to choose the amount of audio that you want to remove. If you want to remove the whole audio, then enter the length of the whole video. As for those who want to remove a certain part only can also choose the start and end of the time. Make sure to input the right time so you don’t remove the wrong audio.

4. Convert, Start & Save

When you have determined the length, then all you need to do is execute the process by clicking convert/start/enter. Usually removing the audio-only will not take a lot of time, so it should be quick. When your process has finished save as the file. By saving as you will still have the original file and also the new file.

5. Recommended Apps

From many kinds available, the apps that are easy to remove audio from a video is VLC media and Bandicut. Both apps provide steps on how to remove audio from a video which is easy to follow. Removing the audio with these apps also doesn’t compress the quality of the video.

For those planning to remove audio should know these steps on how to remove audio from a video. Just make sure that the size of the video is also not too big, because it can slow down the process. Make sure to save the file when you have finished editing the video.

How Long Do Eggs Last Inside And Outside Refrigerator

How Long Do Eggs Last

Everybody knows that temperature is key when you want to store food longer. Eggs have some way to save so it can last longer. How long do eggs last inside and outside the refrigerator will be explained below.

How Long Do Eggs Last

Inside Refrigerator

Eggs Inside Refrigerator

With a refrigerator, you can store all types of food and hold them to last longer. Eggs also can be saved by the low temperature too. Here is how long do eggs last in the fridge with three different conditions.

  1. Freezer

If the eggs are frozen, it can save up to a year. You can separate the yolks and white, then store them inside a different container.

Once it freezes they can last for a year. It can make you cook more flexible and efficient because salt and sugar can be added too before it freezes.

You can also blend the whole eggs and freeze them. It can save up to 4 months.

  1. Door

This method is not recommended to store the eggs. Then, when store it in the refrigerator’s door how long do eggs last? It only can hold the eggs for a week.

When the door is open and close often, the temperature is rapidly changing. It is not good for the eggs it can make them broke faster.

If you already place them in the refrigerator doors for a couple of weeks, please make sure that the egg is still good enough to eat. Test them by sink it to the water or crack it in a bowl to see whether the egg is good or not.

  1. Fridge Shelf

While you placing whole shell eggs in the fridge shelf, it can last longer than when you put it in the door. It can save until 4 or 5 weeks if you are asking how long do eggs last while store here.

Make sure to store them inside the refrigerator with temperature below 7°C. This temperature can save the eggs from bacteria and hold them to stay fresh.

Outside Refrigerator

Eggs Outside Refrigerator

If you see the eggs at the market, you will realize that they are not stored inside a refrigerator. The market will leave them in normal room temperature. You can do this too at home. Here is how long you can hold the egg outside the refrigerator with some different conditions.

  1. Raw Egg With Shell

A raw egg which still in a shell and doesn’t have any crack can stay more than a month in normal temperature. If you want to store them at the kitchen, don’t wash them.

Leave the dirt and let the egg still at the same temperature as when you bought it at the shop. Place the egg in an open container so they can interact with fresh air too.

But even it is good to save them for some weeks, please make sure to buy enough eggs to eat for some day. A fresh egg will still have more nice quality if it cooked immediately.

  1. Leftover Eggs

When you are making some dish like a cake or bread, you may miss counting and left some eggs. In a normal room temperature, it can last up to 2 hours.

To save them, you can put into a container separately between white and yolk. Then place them inside a refrigerator.

It can last until 2-4 days. So you can cook another dish with those leftover eggs. To know how long do eggs last, you can check it by it smells and shape. If it does not look like fresh eggs, simply throw them away.

Engaging Followers Through Instagram Captions

Instagram Captions

While posting something in Instagram, deep down you must have some hope that there’s someone out there will give a response. Moreover, if you have more than hundreds of followers, and not all of them are your real-life friends. And to have a good response, one thing you will put on mind is how to write good Instagram captions.

Reasons Instagram Captions Capable for the Task

Maybe you’re not aware of the reason why you’re trying hard to come up with a caption for your post, but you still do it. The social media analyst stated that the caption is a determining factor for some interaction in an Instagram post. Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Emotionally Attached

When you’re writing a caption, some people may agree with what you write there. The reason is that they feel the same, even if it not related to what you posted. There’s an emotional-relation with the words you choose that made them nodded in agreement. With that, they may like that particular post to show you that they agree with you or leave a comment.

  1. Showing Your Personality

Your caption may leave some impression about your personality, thus makes people who read it feel close to you. This way, they will be more engaged in your post. Furthermore, you have to stay loyal to the personality you chose in writing your caption. That way, people might feel close to you even if they don’t know you in real life.

  1. Sharing What’s on Your Mind


Although people can’t see your expression, in Instagram your caption is enough for showing it. You don’t have to pretend and write what’s really in your mind. That way, you will not suffer in the future and appear to have a split personality. People will more cherish even if you’re full of spice, as long as you’re honest.

  1. A Proof You’re Not a Heartless

Sharing about what’s on your mind through your caption is another proof that you have a feeling. You can take a look and compare at the post without caption and the one with a caption. Most likely if you feel like to leave a comment, you don’t know if it’s the right thing to do or not. While on the other hand, you will not feel the dilemma to comment in the post with a caption.

Some Pointers in Making Good Instagram Captions

It’s true to write a good caption for an Instagram post is sometimes harder than to write poetry, because you put your mind for the best result. And somehow, people often drift as a poet and writer while writing a caption. For that, here some pointers in making some good captions to be more engaging in Instagram:

  • Steal a line from the world’s population song will make some connection with more people.
  • Being witty and smart is one way to make people like to read your caption.
  • Be open and share some story in your caption about anything, even behind-the-scenes about the picture you’re posting.
  • Just ask.
  • Write something funny.

Getting more people to engage in your post can make Instagram show your post to more people. That’s why it’s important to write Instagram captions in every post you post. Not only to adorn on what you post but also make it more eloquent. And maybe it can become the highlight of the day for some people.

5 Tips For Crafting Perfect Instagram Captions To Boost Engagement

Perfect Instagram Captions

Writing perfect Instagram captions that can illustrate your feeling is a relief. If your followers like the captions you share, they will also share it. However, there are several tips for crafting the perfect Instagram captions. Those tips are very useful to boost engagement. They are as follow.

Perfect Instagram Captions To Boost Engagement

  • Build Audience Personas

The first tips to make a perfect Instagram caption is building audience personas. This tip is to make you know your audience. Knowing them will make you understand what kind of caption you should make. Moreover, this way will make the caption more focus on something.

Many people use Instagram as their business platform. Thus, making captions to make an engagement to others about what we offer is important. Therefore, knowing the audience will make the promotion easier. Moreover, it will also fulfill what they need and their expectations.

  • Don’t Write Too Long

Too many words on a post are frustrating sometimes. In spite of wasting too much time to read it, it’s also boring. People tend to be lazy when they need to read a long paragraph. Therefore, write what’s necessary and make it short. Moreover, use only important words and avoid repetition.

This one of the important tips for crafting the perfect Instagram captions is important. Keep in mind, try to make your captions short but meaningful.

  • Use Engaging Words


Using engaging words are very useful. At the beginning of the paragraph, write some important ideas. Those words can make the reader curious and want to read more. Keep in mind that there are only three lines of words that will show up.

Engaging words can bring the reader to the next passage. Moreover, these words are also useful in the last paragraph. In order to make the reader do the thing that we want. Words play an important role in captions. You can also use emojis to make it stronger.

  • Edit The Draft

The first thing to do after knowing all the criteria above is making a draft. After you prepare your first draft, then it’s time to proofread. Do a little editing in your draft to make sure your draft. In addition, make sure that your draft is not too long.

Moreover, it uses some engaging and important words. Don’t forget to put some tips for crafting the perfect Instagram captions above. Plus, the content must build the audience personas.

  • Call To Action

The last paragraph is the key to persuade. You have to convince the audience to buy your product. Moreover, convince them what you are trying to say. This is what we call as a call to action. Make the reader to share your post.

It’s better if you can make them tag some of their friends to read your post. In addition, the last paragraph must contain something that can make the reader believe in you. Call to action is important. Moreover, if your caption about marketing or motivational quotes.

Those tips for crafting the perfect Instagram captions are good to boost the audience’s engagement. Use all of the tips above to make your captions better. Moreover, make your audience sink in your words. Happy writing and promoting.

How To Fix NVIDIA Control Panel Missing

NVIDIA Control Panel

When it comes out that NVIDIA control panel missing must be very frustrating. NVIDIA control panel is an application to adjust the driver settings. Moreover, this small application also uses to optimize the maximal performance of the hardware. There are some issues that can cause this problem.

The problem could be because of corrupt registry issues or outdated driver. However, when it’s missing, there are still some ways to fix it.

NVIDIA Control Panel Missing

Below are how to fix NVIDIA control panel when it is missing.

  • Restart The Computer

The first thing to do when the NVIDIA control panel missing is restarting the computer. Moreover, restarting the computer after a long time of inactivity will give fresh air. This way usually works for some reasons and resolve the problem.

Restarting the computer just like refreshing. Furthermore, an internet connection, it also refers to refresh. We use refresh to reload a page that stuck and doesn’t show up.

  • Modify Registry Values

Another way to do it is by modifying registry values. It’s because the control panel missing is usually related to improper or corrupt registry values. Moreover, this way is tricky because only a correct execution will solve the problem. There are several steps to do this modification.

Firstly, open up a “text editor”. Then, type/paste “Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00. After that enter and paste [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NVIDIA Corporation\NvTray]. Then, enter again and paste [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NVIDIA Corporation\NvTray\0_nvupdt.dll]. At last, paste again “FullPath”=”C:\\Program Files\\NVIDIA Corporation\\Update Core\\NvGFTrayPlugin.dll”.

After that, save the file with a .reg extension in driver C. Next, run the file before restarting the PC.

  • Reinstall NVIDIA Graphics Driver


Reinstalling NVIDIA graphics driver is one way or another. Sometimes, after updating an application, corruption during update happens. Thus, uninstall the application and install it again could be a choice to fix the corruption.

To reinstall it, first, uninstall the application by opening Driver Easy. After that, select “Tools” then select “Driver Uninstall”. Next, click the “Display Adapters” to choose “NVIDIA graphics driver”.  After that, click the “Uninstall” button then restart the computer. Well, it’s time after the computer is back to normal.

Press the “Windows logo and E” on the keyboard. Then, in driver C choose Program Files (x86). In addition, you also need to delete all the NVIDIA folders in program files. Finally, you can install NVIDIA again.

  • Update NVIDIA Graphics Driver

The last way to fix the issue is by updating the NVIDIA Graphics Driver. Updating the driver will help to improve some performances that aren’t there before. Thus, an update could help to make the NVIDIA control panel shows up again. Moreover, make sure that the update runs well.

  • Unhide The Control Panel

During the upgrade, Windows might hide the NVIDIA control panel. As a consequence, NVIDIA usually refers to be missing. Whereas actually Windows accidentally hides it. There are some steps to unhide the control panel.

First, invoke Run dialog by pressing the Windows Logo Key and R on the keyboard. Then, you type “control” and press enter. This way will open the control panel of Windows. After that, click View or Desktop in NVIDIA Control Panel.

At last, give a check in Add Desktop Context Menu. Give a right click to your desktop to check whether it’s already appeared or not.

Those are a brief explanation about how to fix the NVIDIA control panel missing. Some guidance above could clear up the error in the NVIDIA control panel.

Smadav 2019 Features, Including Pros and Cons

Smadav 2019 Features

What’s so special about Smadav 2019? You probably have this question in mind when you are browsing for answers, looking for the right protective software for your needs. You are probably not using Smadav. You have used other types of antivirus programs but you are thinking about using Smadav for your protection. What should you know about it? How do you find this software useful for your needs?

Smadav and Its Various Features

Smadav is one name among other names of antivirus programs that have been around for a while. You have heard about this name before but you don’t really know what to expect when you finally choose this software.

Smadav has always been used as the extra antivirus software that is claimed to deliver better result in protecting your computer, especially the Window-based PC. But there you have it, the software is said to be ‘an extra software’ which means that it is generally used NOT as the main software of the computer. The software is often used to perform the scan and check for the external devices, especially the USB flash drive. When used to scan the flash drive, it can find the suspicious files quite fast and effective.

The Pros and Cons

So, what’s so special about Smadav 2020? Just like other things, this anti-malware software does have some positive outcome and result. However, different people are coming with different opinions and feedbacks. Some people are quite satisfied with the quality and performance of the software. It is pretty light. It also comes in two major options: the free service and the paid one. The free service alone is pretty good at delivering fast and simple checking. The software also runs in real-time protection so it is pretty updated and you can expect the most current outcome.

Smadav 2019 Pro Version

However, the software is only able to detect and find popular test files. If it ‘recognizes’ the popular files, then the scan can run fast and super efficient. Finding out malicious and suspicious files can take place in such a short while. However, if the suspicious files aren’t coming with the common formats, the software may miss it – thinking that it is harmless. As the result, your computer will have to deal with greater security risks because of the ‘missed’ files.

Final Word

If you want to use Smadav, it would be wise to use it as the additional program – not the main program. Things would be different if your computer is super simple with nothing important kept in the system. If this is the case, you probably think that Smadav alone would be enough to protect the system.

However, if you use your computer for important stuff, especially for storing and keeping confidential data, it would be better than you use other antivirus software (preferably the one with stronger features) as the main protection and then use Smadav as the additional program. So, what’s so special about Smadav 2019? It is quite useful and handy for the extra backup for your computer needs.