4 Best and Popular Android Games 2018

As we all know, in today’s era, the smartphone has become the primary needs of the human being. This tiny device can do almost anything just like a PC, but mainly, this device is used for communication and browsing the internet. However, as the time goes by, smartphone has become so developed until now, and as the technology becomes developed, smartphone screen becomes bigger and bigger that is intended for the purpose of entertainment such as watching videos on YouTube, social media, capturing moments and the most fun thing about android right now is gaming.

Popular Android Games to Play with Friends

Yes indeed, as the screen gets bigger, gaming becomes more enjoyable on a smartphone. This phenomenon makes many game developers raise and begins to develop games that based on the Android operating system. Right now, there are around a hundred thousand games that are spread on the Android app store. Well, if you are a person who loves gaming on your smartphone, especially if you have android devices, then you are in the right place. Here will be discussed several best and popular android games to play with friends, so you will not be alone anymore while playing games on your android.

Mobile Legends

This game is quite popular in this year. This is actually like DOTA based game that is played on android. You have the main objective to conquer base of the enemy with your friends. This game is based on 5 vs 5 play so you have 4 friends to defend and attack the base and you have 5 enemies that defend the base of the enemy. Based on the scenario, you have to work together, you have to work smart as a team to conquer the base of your enemy. This is an online game so you must have a good internet connection.

You can download this game as soon as possible in Play Store with the keyword “Mobile Legends”. The size of this game is around hundreds of MB. A piece of advice, play this game on good internet connection because aside from your skill to conquer enemy base, good internet connection also the key to victory in this game.

PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Ground)

If you are interested in multiplayer FPS (first person shooter) game, this game will actually please you. PUBG is actually a survival game in which you become the survivor on some island with 100 other players. The goal is to survive until the end. In order to survive, you have to find supplies like a weapon, energy drinks, medical supplies, ammo, and armor to fight with other players. Surviving in this game means that you have to be the last standing player at the end of the match, so make sure you play smart with a good strategy.

Gaming on a smartphone, especially online games such as PUBG needs a good internet connection to run. Otherwise, you will have difficulties in surviving because of the time delay when you have a bad internet connection. So, are you interested in this game? Go play this game and be the last standing player! You can download this game in Play Store immediately. Make sure you have around 2 GB of internal storage because this game is quite a big game with the excellent graphic.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a simple game that is based on deck card play. The scenario is that you have to build your own deck with the combined card (based on your strategy) to play with other players deck. The goal is simple, you have to destroy the crown of the player you fight within the time limit. This is actually a strategy game where you should consider how to play to defeat enemies with the deck you own. So, arrange your deck with the strategy that you have planned.

There are many interesting cards that have each own specialty. There are building cards for defending the crown such as Canon, Tesla, Inferno Towers and many others. Each building card has each own unique specialty that has more advantages toward other cards. Well, to know more about this game, you should visit the Play Store and download this unique game immediately. You can search “Clash Royale” in the search box and download it right away. You have to provide at least 200 MB internal storage to download this game.

PES 2018

Anyone of you loves to play sports games? Well, if you do, you might want to play this awesome game. Yeah, the game called the PES 2018. This is actually a football Play Station based game in which you can become both manager and the player. You can manage your team with chosen football player to build your dream team. There are several types of player, the silver ball player, the gold ball player, and the best player is the black ball player. Each player can be obtained by joining match event that is held by PES, or you can also get the player by buying the random ball spin.

If you want to get the black ball player such as Christiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Lionel Messy, and many other pro players, you have to check the event match regularly because there are some occasions you can get the black ball there. This game is quite big so you have to provide at least 2 GB of internal storage on your device.

Well, that is all 4 best games on android that you can play it right away after downloading them at Play Store. Go choose one or choose all to play with your beloved friends to have fun!