5 Best Android Useful App of 2018

The development of the smartphone has improved slightly, especially this year. Many smartphone companies right now are joining the competition to release the best product that they invented to show to the world that the company is the best. Each smartphone that is released by each company has each uniqueness that becomes the gimmick of sale for the smartphone itself. Well, this phenomena then lead to the usage of smartphone worldwide that become wider and wider. Now, even the children are holding the smartphone even though they haven’t know the full abilities of the smartphone itself.

As the smartphone becomes worldwide and used by many people from distinct ages, many app developers also joining the race to create the best useful app for the smartphone user right now. So Many mobile game in this world to make you stick to the phone like 4 Best and Popular Android Games 2018 will make you with your phone all day. You can see this phenomenon by seeing a thousand applications on the app store that can be downloaded right away within your reach. There are actually many apps with each advantage. Now, you can even download the wallpaper app that provides the best wallpaper to make your smartphone look more beautiful. Well, if you are a smartphone user, you might want to know what is the best app right now for your smartphone right? You are in the right place, here you will find the app that might be useful for you.


Instagram is the social media app that let you share images among your follower. So basically, this app lets you create an album on this app that will be seen by many Instagram users worldwide. This is actually a good social media app that has multiple benefits. You can share precious moments with friends, family or your lover on Instagram and expect to get as many likes from many Instagram users worldwide. With Instagram, your moments will be kept in an album that can never be erased unless you choose to erase it.

Instagram also a good social media app for online shopping and selling. You can either be the seller that uses Instagram as the media to provide pictures or short duration video of your product to show it to the customer, or you can be the customer who can view the products from Instagram and choose to buy it. With Instagram, as a seller, you can reach a bigger customer from around the world and this is indeed good for your business.


Another social media app that is good for communication is WhatsApp. This app has been downloaded by Billion user in this world because of its simplicity, and its elegant design. Unlike any other messenger app that creates sticker and many another gimmick as the attraction, WhatsApp is interestingly different. Its fast, reliable and easy to use. You can text messages, you can call your friends by voice call, you can also record a voice note and send it to your friends when you feel lazy to type text messages. The most interesting thing about WhatsApp is that you can do a video call with your friends or lover so the distance will not be a problem anymore. You will feel like the one you call is standing right in front of you and that is quite amazing.

Although many other messenger apps also let you do a video call, but WhatsApp is known to be the best messenger app that is stable for video calling in term of the network. As long as you have a fast internet connection, the video call will be stable just like when you communicate with your friends for real literally.


Disease and illness is the one that makes people be less productive than usual. The human need to go to the doctor when they are sick and they have to pay quite a lot amount of money. But, with the development of technology, you can even check your health with your smartphone. All you have to do is download the “Ada” app and follow the instruction that given in the app.

This app will ask you several questions like symptoms that you have undergone to indicate what kind of ill you are having. Not only that, you can also get the indication, prevention and how to cure it. Although it is not as perfect as going to the real doctor, at lease when you are sick, you will know what kind of ill you are having and you know what to do to prevent it. Amazing isn’t it?

Nova Launcher

The last app that will make your smartphone becomes more interesting is the Nova Launcher. Well, if you have android phones, and you are bored with the interface of your old UI, you can download this app, Nova Launcher. This app lets you create the interface of your smartphone becomes more beautiful and interesting. Actually, you can do everything with your smartphone interface with Nova Launcher.

You can change the weather widget, the clock widget, you can also change the icon theme based on what you want (you have to download the icon pack first) and you can also create several gestures in order to launch some apps. You can just swipe up, swipe down, double finger swipe down, double finger swipe up, pinch in, pinch out and many other gestures. You can set custom app that will launch based on gestures that you want on Nova Launcher settings.