Best Messaging Apps

5 Best Messaging Apps for Android and iOS

Best Messaging Apps

In the era of smartphones, sending text messages is getting easier. Thanks to messaging apps that offer plenty of services and features, allowing you to enjoy fun communication with family, friends, or colleagues.

Among plentiful choices of messaging apps available on the market, some apps are more popular than others. If you need help to find the most popular apps for instant messaging, you’d better keep scrolling!

5 Best Messaging Apps for Android and iOS

The following applications help upgrade your interactions as they support free text messaging, photo and file sharing, as well as video calling. Here are the best messaging apps that can be downloaded on your Android and iOS devices.

1. WhatsApp


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WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded messaging apps throughout the world. The full-featured application is totally free and very easy to use. It lets you send instant text messages, make voice and video calls, and share photos, locations, documents, and many more.

Once you allow the app to access your contact, it will automatically update the contact list. For better communication, WhatsApp allows you to create groups and it recently supports group calls up to 8 people. Despite it being free, it ensures your privacy and security with end-to-end encryption.

2. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

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Many people think that Facebook Messenger can only be used with Facebook. In fact, this is a separate messaging app which can be enjoyed without accessing your Facebook page. This app supports convenient instant messaging with plenty of stickers and GIFs.

Facebook Messenger supports voice and video calls that are clear and reliable. If you are having a conversation with friends, the app will show the chat heads. This icon comes in handy as it floats on the top of your screen.

Much like WhatsApp, this messaging app supports file sharing like location and photo. With the support for end-to-end encryption, you don’t need to worry about privacy and security while having conversation.

3. Line


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Line is undoubtedly a renowned instant messaging app, especially in Asia. It has millions of active users for a reason—it comes packed with a set of features to level up messaging experience. Not only does it allow you to send messages, but it also lets you post and comment on friend’s posts.

One of Line’s highlight features is attractive stickers that make your conversation more fun. Besides, it supports voice and video calls with high quality audio and video. What makes it better is that Line lets you create a chat group with up to 500 participants.

4. Telegram


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With a boast of millions of active users, Telegram is among the most popular messaging apps worldwide. According to Android Ally, this app can be integrated with cloud so that you can store unlimited chat history. It also lets you share files without limit on size.

To ensure your privacy and security, Telegram secure your chats with encryption and secure keys. For a better communication experience, you can use stickers and GIFs as well as send photos and videos to family or friends.

5. WeChat


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WeChat dominates Chinese market with no less than 1 billion users. This messaging app features photo sharing and voice & video calls that make your interaction more engaging. The app also supports location sharing to help find your friends.

Recently, the app has more to bring to your table. Aside from instant messaging, it also supports games, payment, and much more. As a bonus, it comes with dark mode just like WhatsApp.

Those are the most popular messaging apps that work well on Android and iOS. Each app is designed to help you establish constant, instant, and fun communication with family or friends. Which app do you like the most?