Best Weather App for Android

Are you sure you don’t need any Best Weather App for Android? In these times of modern world supported with modern technology, living life becomes so easy. Wherever you want to go, you don’t have to worry about predicting how the weather will be. You just need to search your weather menu on your phone screen and tap on it. The weather forecast will appear based on the given location.

If you don’t have the weather app yet, your visit to this page is the right choice since we are going to present a review of the Best Weather App for Android, you also can check this page for Best Weather Websites. Check it up soon as follows:


Today Weather is categorized as a newcomer for weather app scene. Nevertheless, it offers an impressive performance along with its UI simplicity. Using this app, you will be able to easily read as black as an abyss. This app appears by displaying your name and weather information based on the locations you have just type on. You can select the sources from AccuWeather, Dark Sky and Yr.No. Yr.No is a Norwegian forecasting service which presents accuracy about the weather forecasting outside America.

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather is the prettiest weather app among the Best Weather App for Android available. This app is supported by Weather Underground. Therefore, the forecast and the related data are more accurate based on the personal weather stations. You can select a beautiful image for the app from New York City or Walt Disney World.

Yahoo Weather’s layout is also nice that you can check multiple locations quickly by scrolling up-down and side-to-side.

Dark Sky

Are you looking for the most popular weather apps that are widely used around? That is Dark Sky. It is very popular with “hyperlocal” accuracy particularly on predicting the rain. Another supporting feature is the global map view. This feature will show you where the rain or snow is likely going to fall.

Another feature is called “Do Not Disturb Mode” which means that the weather notifications will not disturb you when you are sleeping at night.


As one of the Best Weather App for Android, 1Weather comes amazingly featured by the customization options and a large number of weather widgets. In this case, you are able to customize the widgets by the six ways to Sunday. The extended use of 1Weather provides very few flaws to be attributed to the horizontal layout. For instance, you need to press the expand button before you zoom the radar map.

1Weather is not free. You must purchase it on one-time.


One Best Weather App for Android coming with so many widgets is AccuWeather. It also has high accuracy. AccuWeather comes with a very nice dark theme option. Although some ads may appear, you have an option to disable them.


In conclusion, installing the Best Weather App for Android is a very important thing to use your phone optimally. Along with the weather apps, you can always check the weather forecast before doing the outdoor activities.