Know The Bluestacks Latest Version Here!


Like other apps, Bluestacks also always develop their version. There are so many versions launched by the developer for app users. As you know, this is a popular app from America. There are so many investors who give their money here. It is one of the reasons the company can always develop its version. On the other hand, there are lots of people who don’t know about Bluestacks latest version. Lots of them think Bluestacks just has 1 version. So, here is some information for you about the Bluestacks version.

Bluestacks Version Update

As you know before that Bluestacks can launch in several app players. You not only can launch in the window, but you can also launch in macOS. In addition, Bluestacks also supports playing on Android. It is one of the benefits of Bluestacks. But you have to make sure to download it on the Bluestacks’s official website. It will answer your question about is Bluestacks safe. Besides flexible to launch in several app players, Bluestacks release several versions too. Find these versions here.

1. Bluestack 2

You might ever use this version. There are lots of people who use this Bluestacks version. As its name suggests, this is the second version of Bluestacks. The Bluestacks company released this version in June 2012. This will make it possible to launch in macOS X 10.9. You also can run several android apps in this version.

2. Bluestacks TV

There are lots of people who love to use this version. You probably never thought of this version before. This version was launched in April 2016, one year after the second version launched. This version makes it possible to connect several apps to Twitch TV. You can also stream these apps without any additional hardware. This version also makes it possible to live on Facebook.

3. Bluestacks 3

Bluestacks 3

This is the third version of Bluestacks that can be used. You will find the App Center in this new version. It makes you possible to edit your personal account. In addition, you can also personalize game suggestions here. There are several new features that can be used here like chat and multi-instance.

4. Bluestacks 4

This version was launched in September 2018 as Bluestacks latest version. This version provides various features that make you possible to organize the app easier. You customize your games’ support in this version. In addition, it also offers you a clean user interface. It makes you possible to save more memory usage. This version is also available for the latest version of macOS. It can be downloaded on the official website of Bluestacks.

5. Bluestacks 4 64-Bit Beta

After launching the latest version of 4 versions, the company also developed Bluestacks 4 64-Bit Beta. It will save memory usage. If you have Windows 8, it is also possible to play in this Windows version. This latest version is also possible to install several apps to save more memory usage.

After getting information about Bluestacks latest version, make it possible to install any version of this app. The latest version will give you more effective usage of Bluestacks. The most important is choosing the Bluestacks version according to your app player type. It is very helpful, right?