Best Photo Editing Apps for Android and iPhone 

There are many kinds of social media today that allow users to edit photos before uploading their photos. Everyone likes to join a competition to upload the best photo on social media. So, it needs the best apps for photo editing. Here are some references, namely:

1. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom

For Android, this is the best app for photo editing. So, you can edit your photo before uploading it to social media easily. You only need to select which photo to edit and edit it right away from your phone. Also, don’t panic if you’re far from a pro, because it is designed for amateur use.

Download for Android, Download for iPhone

2. Fotograf


Other apps with the best apps for photo editing special for iPhone. Even though the iPhone has a clear and sharp picture, this application can saturate the color on the picture. So, the picture will be more beautiful, full of art and the best design.

Download for iPhone

3. Snapseed


Android is a smartphone with many kinds of users. Even more, to edit a photo before uploading it to social media. Therefore, Snapseed is very recommended to use. This application is easy to use and download from the play store firstly.

Download for Android, Download for iPhone



This application is the easiest application editing photo for Android, even if you’re noobs. Users just select one of the pictures from an Android smartphone. This application can resize, crop, matching the photo with another photo, using the color of blending for photos.

Download for Android, Download for iPhone

5. Afterlight


Some people might need to rethink to install this app. Because this one is not a fully free app and you need to pay for $2 – $3 to use its advanced service. But if you’re okay to spend that amount of money, then it is available for most credit cards. But you can see a clear difference because people can tell that you put effort (and money) to edit your photo.

This application is a must to pay a bill for using the apps. Bill range 2 –  3 USD must pay before downloads at the play store. This application is very welcome for credit cardholders. Using premium editing photos will have more advance from free applications. Especially for Android. If a user wants to get a premium application, this application is very recommended to use.

Download for Android, Download for iPhone

6. Lens Distortions

Lens Distortions

This application will result in photo likes made by professional photographers. But, this application is easy to use and free for download. Lens distortions can change the color on this photo like a photo by camera SLR. So, for an android user who likes to edit photos, but wants to result in a professional photo. Using this application is very recommended.

Download for Android, Download for iPhone

7. PicsArt


Combine some pictures to arrange a video for android, or combine a letter with the photo are very recommended to use this application. This application is the best app for editing photos for Android. PicsArt is an application for androids who want to edit photos. This application is free for android and has a lot of themes.

Download for Android, Download for iPhone

8. Enlight


Some people may be asking, the result of the photo from the iPhone may not be required to edit. But, for people who like high definition art, editing photos is a must. Even though the result of the photo is clear and sharp. Thus, Enlight is very recommended for the iPhone. This application can change the image with many kinds of filter and granular control.

Download for Android, Download for iPhone

Now, photos in social media will be more attractive and full of art with the best apps for photo editing. To get the apps, you can visit Drivers and Software for more information.

4 Best LED TV Options for Your Ultimate Inexpensive Experience 

It is only logical if you want to know the alternatives for the best LED TV considering that such a TV has dominated the market. Sure, the new technology has presented sophisticated OLED TV but most people are still in love with their LED devices. After all, LED TVs have their own perk and advantages – they aren’t sensitive to burn-in and they have great brightness. It’s a good thing that there are some lists of the best LED devices out there – with each their strength and downsides.

Hisense 50H8F


As one of the best LED TV, this one is able to deliver satisfying performance and image in terms of rich colors and great contrast. The color performance is absolutely perfect when paired with the handy features to deliver a satisfying results. And another great thing about this TV is that you won’t have to dig deeper into your pocket to have a high-quality performance at home.

There are tons to love about this TV. The stylish and elegant design looks great with the bright panel. And let’s not forget that it is also an Android TV that gives you tons of flexibility and freedom in adjusting your entertainment needs. Unfortunately, the light bloom isn’t great because it can affect the effective shadow and contrast detail. But with 50 inches and crisp LED quality, you will definitely have a blast.

Vizio Quantum X P-Series

Vizio Quantum X P-Series 

Who says high-quality TV will cost you a fortune? This TV is a great example that you can still enjoy the 4K image without having to splurge a ton of money. This TV offers a wide color range as well as impressive contrast. It even supports Google Cast and AirPlay Apple 2. On the downside, though, this TV doesn’t support voice command (or remote) and the onboard apps are only a few. But in the overall quality, this LED 65 inches will give you a satisfying outcome.

Samsung Q90R

Samsung Q90R

This LED device is able to combine great color performance with impressive contrast technology. As a result, you will enjoy the best pictures only with bold and crisp image quality and color depth. The black levels are pretty impressive – and it even comes with a bright panel. The colors are accurate and wide. And when you combine it with One Connect box and sleek design, you get nice cable flexibility that makes everything easy. Despite its reputation as one of the best LED TV, it doesn’t have analog video inputs and Dolby Vision either. No need to worry, though, as it still delivers the promising outcomes.

TCL 55R625

TCL 55R625

One thing to like about this TV is the inexpensive tag price, which makes it possible for everyone to enjoy high-quality viewing performance without wasting a lot of money. With the combination of attractive design, bright panel, and wide color, it is pretty understandable if this device becomes a favorite. However, the voice technology is a bit underdeveloped and the HDR Bright mode isn’t too good.

If you are into tech and you want to read many different types of reviews, feel free to visit Best AREight. Not only you will get information about the best LED TV, but you can also get another info about other devices.

How to Calibrate TV on Your Own at Home with Step by Step

How to Calibrate TV

If you want to get a better image quality of the TV, then you need to know to how to calibrate TV. There is even a special and professional service for it, but it is costly. Not to mention that it is also time-consuming with special training and equipment. It doesn’t mean that you can’t do it on your own, though.

Get the Best Picture Mode

In general, the TV should have the so-called ISF picture mode providing complete settings for the calibration. Look for Theater or Cinema mode so you can start from there. In case those modes aren’t available, you can try the Custom mode. You may want to avoid the Sports, Game, or Vivid modes.

Warmest Color Setting

Color Setting

After you have found the right mode, then go for the Color Temperature. You need to set it to Warm. This is generally an accurate color scheme. From there, you can try accessing the RGB CMY or white balance calibration to reach the pinpoint accuracy (for the color levels) if you have the equipment. If not, then tweaking with the warmest (color) temperature present should do it.

Turn off the Picture Features – the Unnecessary Ones

You probably think that it is a good idea to have several picture setting tweaks options so you can ideally tweak the device. Unfortunately, they aren’t ideal for TV calibration. In how to calibrate the TV, the test patterns should be coming in fixed settings – and your TV isn’t adjusting itself automatically along the way.

When you access the Menu, find the Submenu sounding like Expert Picture, Picture Options, or Advanced Picture. Disable the features with Smoothing, Processing, Motion, Dynamic, and Adaptive on it. If you find the so-called Overscan, you should also turn it off.

Mind you, though, that disabling all the features with motion enhancing quality will reduce the soap opera effects. Motion enhancements are quite handy for video games or live sports, but the regular TV shows and movies will be just fine (and even better) to watch with those features being turned off.

Check the Picture Geometry

The most important thing about the TV setting and adjustment is to set it at the right display ratio. It isn’t about how you want to adjust the settings – it’s about the aspect ratio. If you have the cable boxes, it may present an issue especially if you are often switching between SD and HD channels. But if not, you can set everything up to the native resolution.

You need to find a button on the remote. Or go to the Picture Menu and access Aspect Ratio, Zoom, or Picture Size. Set it to Just Scan or Normal. Avoid choosing anything with Zoom, Wide, 3:4, or even 16:9 mode.

Set the Brightness

Don’t be fooled by this term because you will only tweak the black level of the TV. You only need to press right on the remote to test the Brightness. Do it until you see all the bars (in the middle) visible and then reduce it to only two bars.

Those are the general notes on how to do it all. Feel free to find other sources on how to calibrate TV that may suit your preference or your TV setting.

Know The Bluestacks Latest Version Here!


Like other apps, Bluestacks also always develop their version. There are so many versions launched by the developer for app users. As you know, this is a popular app from America. There are so many investors who give their money here. It is one of the reasons the company can always develop its version. On the other hand, there are lots of people who don’t know about Bluestacks latest version. Lots of them think Bluestacks just has 1 version. So, here is some information for you about the Bluestacks version.

Bluestacks Version Update

As you know before that Bluestacks can launch in several app players. You not only can launch in the window, but you can also launch in macOS. In addition, Bluestacks also supports playing on Android. It is one of the benefits of Bluestacks. But you have to make sure to download it on the Bluestacks’s official website. It will answer your question about is Bluestacks safe. Besides flexible to launch in several app players, Bluestacks release several versions too. Find these versions here.

1. Bluestack 2

You might ever use this version. There are lots of people who use this Bluestacks version. As its name suggests, this is the second version of Bluestacks. The Bluestacks company released this version in June 2012. This will make it possible to launch in macOS X 10.9. You also can run several android apps in this version.

2. Bluestacks TV

There are lots of people who love to use this version. You probably never thought of this version before. This version was launched in April 2016, one year after the second version launched. This version makes it possible to connect several apps to Twitch TV. You can also stream these apps without any additional hardware. This version also makes it possible to live on Facebook.

3. Bluestacks 3

Bluestacks 3

This is the third version of Bluestacks that can be used. You will find the App Center in this new version. It makes you possible to edit your personal account. In addition, you can also personalize game suggestions here. There are several new features that can be used here like chat and multi-instance.

4. Bluestacks 4

This version was launched in September 2018 as Bluestacks latest version. This version provides various features that make you possible to organize the app easier. You customize your games’ support in this version. In addition, it also offers you a clean user interface. It makes you possible to save more memory usage. This version is also available for the latest version of macOS. It can be downloaded on the official website of Bluestacks.

5. Bluestacks 4 64-Bit Beta

After launching the latest version of 4 versions, the company also developed Bluestacks 4 64-Bit Beta. It will save memory usage. If you have Windows 8, it is also possible to play in this Windows version. This latest version is also possible to install several apps to save more memory usage.

After getting information about Bluestacks latest version, make it possible to install any version of this app. The latest version will give you more effective usage of Bluestacks. The most important is choosing the Bluestacks version according to your app player type. It is very helpful, right?

How to Remove Audio From A Video Easily

How To Remove Audio From A Video

Adding music to a video can make the video more dramatic and give a different effect to video. Therefore, to give the best effect, it is best to remove the original audio from the video. How to remove audio from a video can be tricky because it can affect the quality of the video. Therefore, when you remove the audio, make sure it doesn’t compress the quality of the video.

There are many ways people can edit and move audio from a video. But to make it easy, people can just download editing programs or media players that provide this feature. Usually using these apps, people can easily remove the audio without having to destroy the quality of the video. The steps in each app are usually the same, so it doesn’t matter which app people use. Here are the easy steps on how to remove audio from a video that you can try:

How to Remove Audio From A Video Easy To Follow

1. Download App

To help you have the best quality of the video, download an editing program like Filmora for Windows or KineMaster for Android that can help remove audio. Download an app that doesn’t change the quality of the video or the sound.


If you are planning to use it only for one-two videos, then download a free version app. The free version provides the feature to remove audio from a movie. When you have downloaded the app, install it too.

2. Open/ Add the Video

Next, open the app and choose the menu to add video/ convert. When you choose this menu, you will get to choose which video to upload. Make sure the format of the video can be opened by an app that you have chosen.

3. Remove the Audio

In each app, you will see an option to edit/cut/remove. Usually, these are the options that will appear on the menu. Choose one of the menus that appears. You will then get to choose the amount of audio that you want to remove. If you want to remove the whole audio, then enter the length of the whole video. As for those who want to remove a certain part only can also choose the start and end of the time. Make sure to input the right time so you don’t remove the wrong audio.

4. Convert, Start & Save

When you have determined the length, then all you need to do is execute the process by clicking convert/start/enter. Usually removing the audio-only will not take a lot of time, so it should be quick. When your process has finished save as the file. By saving as you will still have the original file and also the new file.

5. Recommended Apps

From many kinds available, the apps that are easy to remove audio from a video is VLC media and Bandicut. Both apps provide steps on how to remove audio from a video which is easy to follow. Removing the audio with these apps also doesn’t compress the quality of the video.

For those planning to remove audio should know these steps on how to remove audio from a video. Just make sure that the size of the video is also not too big, because it can slow down the process. Make sure to save the file when you have finished editing the video.

How Long Do Eggs Last Inside And Outside Refrigerator

How Long Do Eggs Last

Everybody knows that temperature is key when you want to store food longer. Eggs have some way to save so it can last longer. How long do eggs last inside and outside the refrigerator will be explained below.

How Long Do Eggs Last

Inside Refrigerator

Eggs Inside Refrigerator

With a refrigerator, you can store all types of food and hold them to last longer. Eggs also can be saved by the low temperature too. Here is how long do eggs last in the fridge with three different conditions.

  1. Freezer

If the eggs are frozen, it can save up to a year. You can separate the yolks and white, then store them inside a different container.

Once it freezes they can last for a year. It can make you cook more flexible and efficient because salt and sugar can be added too before it freezes.

You can also blend the whole eggs and freeze them. It can save up to 4 months.

  1. Door

This method is not recommended to store the eggs. Then, when store it in the refrigerator’s door how long do eggs last? It only can hold the eggs for a week.

When the door is open and close often, the temperature is rapidly changing. It is not good for the eggs it can make them broke faster.

If you already place them in the refrigerator doors for a couple of weeks, please make sure that the egg is still good enough to eat. Test them by sink it to the water or crack it in a bowl to see whether the egg is good or not.

  1. Fridge Shelf

While you placing whole shell eggs in the fridge shelf, it can last longer than when you put it in the door. It can save until 4 or 5 weeks if you are asking how long do eggs last while store here.

Make sure to store them inside the refrigerator with temperature below 7°C. This temperature can save the eggs from bacteria and hold them to stay fresh.

Outside Refrigerator

Eggs Outside Refrigerator

If you see the eggs at the market, you will realize that they are not stored inside a refrigerator. The market will leave them in normal room temperature. You can do this too at home. Here is how long you can hold the egg outside the refrigerator with some different conditions.

  1. Raw Egg With Shell

A raw egg which still in a shell and doesn’t have any crack can stay more than a month in normal temperature. If you want to store them at the kitchen, don’t wash them.

Leave the dirt and let the egg still at the same temperature as when you bought it at the shop. Place the egg in an open container so they can interact with fresh air too.

But even it is good to save them for some weeks, please make sure to buy enough eggs to eat for some day. A fresh egg will still have more nice quality if it cooked immediately.

  1. Leftover Eggs

When you are making some dish like a cake or bread, you may miss counting and left some eggs. In a normal room temperature, it can last up to 2 hours.

To save them, you can put into a container separately between white and yolk. Then place them inside a refrigerator.

It can last until 2-4 days. So you can cook another dish with those leftover eggs. To know how long do eggs last, you can check it by it smells and shape. If it does not look like fresh eggs, simply throw them away.

Engaging Followers Through Instagram Captions

Instagram Captions

While posting something in Instagram, deep down you must have some hope that there’s someone out there will give a response. Moreover, if you have more than hundreds of followers, and not all of them are your real-life friends. And to have a good response, one thing you will put on mind is how to write good Instagram captions.

Reasons Instagram Captions Capable for the Task

Maybe you’re not aware of the reason why you’re trying hard to come up with a caption for your post, but you still do it. The social media analyst stated that the caption is a determining factor for some interaction in an Instagram post. Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Emotionally Attached

When you’re writing a caption, some people may agree with what you write there. The reason is that they feel the same, even if it not related to what you posted. There’s an emotional-relation with the words you choose that made them nodded in agreement. With that, they may like that particular post to show you that they agree with you or leave a comment.

  1. Showing Your Personality

Your caption may leave some impression about your personality, thus makes people who read it feel close to you. This way, they will be more engaged in your post. Furthermore, you have to stay loyal to the personality you chose in writing your caption. That way, people might feel close to you even if they don’t know you in real life.

  1. Sharing What’s on Your Mind


Although people can’t see your expression, in Instagram your caption is enough for showing it. You don’t have to pretend and write what’s really in your mind. That way, you will not suffer in the future and appear to have a split personality. People will more cherish even if you’re full of spice, as long as you’re honest.

  1. A Proof You’re Not a Heartless

Sharing about what’s on your mind through your caption is another proof that you have a feeling. You can take a look and compare at the post without caption and the one with a caption. Most likely if you feel like to leave a comment, you don’t know if it’s the right thing to do or not. While on the other hand, you will not feel the dilemma to comment in the post with a caption.

Some Pointers in Making Good Instagram Captions

It’s true to write a good caption for an Instagram post is sometimes harder than to write poetry, because you put your mind for the best result. And somehow, people often drift as a poet and writer while writing a caption. For that, here some pointers in making some good captions to be more engaging in Instagram:

  • Steal a line from the world’s population song will make some connection with more people.
  • Being witty and smart is one way to make people like to read your caption.
  • Be open and share some story in your caption about anything, even behind-the-scenes about the picture you’re posting.
  • Just ask.
  • Write something funny.

Getting more people to engage in your post can make Instagram show your post to more people. That’s why it’s important to write Instagram captions in every post you post. Not only to adorn on what you post but also make it more eloquent. And maybe it can become the highlight of the day for some people.

5 Tips For Crafting Perfect Instagram Captions To Boost Engagement

Perfect Instagram Captions

Writing perfect Instagram captions that can illustrate your feeling is a relief. If your followers like the captions you share, they will also share it. However, there are several tips for crafting the perfect Instagram captions. Those tips are very useful to boost engagement. They are as follow.

Perfect Instagram Captions To Boost Engagement

  • Build Audience Personas

The first tips to make a perfect Instagram caption is building audience personas. This tip is to make you know your audience. Knowing them will make you understand what kind of caption you should make. Moreover, this way will make the caption more focus on something.

Many people use Instagram as their business platform. Thus, making captions to make an engagement to others about what we offer is important. Therefore, knowing the audience will make the promotion easier. Moreover, it will also fulfill what they need and their expectations.

  • Don’t Write Too Long

Too many words on a post are frustrating sometimes. In spite of wasting too much time to read it, it’s also boring. People tend to be lazy when they need to read a long paragraph. Therefore, write what’s necessary and make it short. Moreover, use only important words and avoid repetition.

This one of the important tips for crafting the perfect Instagram captions is important. Keep in mind, try to make your captions short but meaningful.

  • Use Engaging Words


Using engaging words are very useful. At the beginning of the paragraph, write some important ideas. Those words can make the reader curious and want to read more. Keep in mind that there are only three lines of words that will show up.

Engaging words can bring the reader to the next passage. Moreover, these words are also useful in the last paragraph. In order to make the reader do the thing that we want. Words play an important role in captions. You can also use emojis to make it stronger.

  • Edit The Draft

The first thing to do after knowing all the criteria above is making a draft. After you prepare your first draft, then it’s time to proofread. Do a little editing in your draft to make sure your draft. In addition, make sure that your draft is not too long.

Moreover, it uses some engaging and important words. Don’t forget to put some tips for crafting the perfect Instagram captions above. Plus, the content must build the audience personas.

  • Call To Action

The last paragraph is the key to persuade. You have to convince the audience to buy your product. Moreover, convince them what you are trying to say. This is what we call as a call to action. Make the reader to share your post.

It’s better if you can make them tag some of their friends to read your post. In addition, the last paragraph must contain something that can make the reader believe in you. Call to action is important. Moreover, if your caption about marketing or motivational quotes.

Those tips for crafting the perfect Instagram captions are good to boost the audience’s engagement. Use all of the tips above to make your captions better. Moreover, make your audience sink in your words. Happy writing and promoting.

4 Best Data Recovery Software for Windows

Have you already had Best Data Recovery Software for Windows? Is it crucial to have such software? Let’s imagine that you may lose important data or you delete some crucial files unintentionally. The question is; can you bring them back?

I personally recommend that you have to back up your data to avoid the risk of losing valuable files by installing the software which is able to get your data back easily. What is it? That is data recovery software. This software is aimed to save your crucial data or files so that you don’t have to worry about losing them again.

There is plenty of the data recovery software you can choose and you can find one on FileHorse Download for Windows. However, on this page, we have reviewed the five of the very best free options which are ready to download free for your Windows.

4 Best Data Recovery Software for Windows:

7-Data Recovery Suit

7-Data Recovery Suit is the one data recovery coming with complete and capable data recovery software for Windows on your PC. This software has a purpose to rescue the deleted files, damaged hard drive, formatted hard drive, deleted partition, images or videos lost from smartphones. Having this software is beneficial in getting back your losing or damaging data such as images, videos, and others.

As one of the Best Data Recovery Software for Windows, 7-Data Recovery Suit has 6 is also featuring memory card recovery from the digital camera or mobile phone. You can get this software by freely downloading only by 2.83 MB.

Acronis Disk Director

Are you looking for data recovery software which is easy to use in managing disk and volumes? Acronis Disk Director is the answer. This data recovery software is considered very powerful to organize your hard disk and volume configuration. This software has actually an optimal performance supported by many powerful features including easy formatting, volume recovery, clone disk for HDD replacement, converting basic and dynamic disk, spanning volume, byte accessing, and supporting Windows10 Pre-installation environment.

Considering the large useful feature, you can download this Best Data Recovery Software for Windows only when you have more than 292 MB to accommodate.

Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer is not only the most powerful cleanup but also the most powerful optimization software for some Windows types. You don’t have to buy a half dozen Windows cleaners and optimizers anymore. Just consider this Advance System Organizer which is affordable and easy to use.

You may download this software safely and secure by 16 MB only for your Windows.

Advanced SystemCare Free

If you are searching on Best Data Recovery Software for Windows along with the one-click approach to protect, repair clean, and optimize as well as speed up your PC, Advanced SystemCare Free can be your best option to download soon. This software has been just completed with “Protect tab” feature which functions to protect your browsing along with the automatic cleaning privacy traces.


All in all, we can conclude that installing Best Data Recovery Software for Windows is a very good idea to protect any kinds of data as well as getting them back anytime you lost them. Feel free to visit this page again if you are looking for recommended Best Data Recovery Software for Windows.

Online Video Editor

5 Free Online Video Editor No Watermark You Can Try!

There are a lot of people who have the same complaints when they made a video. One of the common problems is when a watermark appears inside their videos. If you one of them, this article will give you some information about free online video editor no watermark.

Believe or not, at this time, when the technology was very advanced. There is a lot of things that we can do. Let’s start with your smartphone and computer, it’s not only can you use to make something like working, chatting or make a call with other people. Of course, you could do something like to edit video for free and without watermark. Let’s look at some points below.

Free Online Video Editor No Watermark

  • Online Video Cutter

Online Video Cutter is here to answer a problem like watermarkBesides that, there are many things that users can do with this software. First, it’s free for everyone, whatever their job. Second, it’s really easy to use if we compared with Adobe Premiere Pro, Magix Vegas Pro, etc.

This website presents some common feature like cutting, crop, resize, rotation, and also, you can choose any format video inside it. Don’t hesitate and feel insecure, just do and enjoy it.

  • Clipchamp Create

If you only had a few budgets to buy expensive software, don’t worry about that. Because right now, there is an online program called Clipchamp Create. You can found it on Google and it’s free to use. You only need account Google or Facebook.

If you had logged in, you will see a simple structure and design inside this program. Without process installation or something else, you can enjoy this program as if like using Magix Vegas Pro.

  • Ezgif

There a lot of options programs free online video editor no watermark on the internet. However, if you want the mini size, only take a little bit of data packages, this is exactly the answer. As you can see from the name, ‘Ezgif’. This program specifically designed for gif files, but sure, you can do what kind of videos you want to do.

  • Hippo Video

Watermark on your videos will make it very suck. Maybe people who watch your video will be lost their focus because of it. Now and for the next day, Hippo Video comes to solve your problem. There are so many tools inside this program. We can say that this is an amazing thing, it can be even more than the popular software in the world. You won’t regret if you chose this.

  • Video Crop

Take your own videos on your smartphone is pretty simple, but it is not enough. You have to make your videos more interesting to watch before you decide to share it to social media. Don’t worry about laptop specification, you don’t need big HDD or RAM. Just browsing to and drag your files to it. Congratulations, you can use this for free right now.

Actually, there are many other programs, but that is the best five. However, you need to know that there are limited in many ways on this program. You must have a good connection to the internet to avoid crack or errors. At least, using free online video editor was very recommended.