6 Best‌ Parental‌ ‌Controls Apps

This day, we should teach our children about technology and how it works instead of avoiding them from technology. Sometimes we can’t control what they are doing while using technology, especially a PC. But it is our responsibility to keep an eye on them and make sure they are safe from adult contents. If you think about that, then you should understand the best‌ ‌apps‌ ‌for‌ ‌parental‌ ‌controls‌.

These applications can help you to watch them directly without making them feel uncomfortable. Above all, we will give some free software-recommendation so you don’t need to pay any cost. You only need to connect to the internet and then their activities will appear in front of you. Here are some best‌ ‌apps‌ ‌for‌ ‌parental‌ ‌controls‌ ‌we have gathered for you:

1. Qustodio


This is one of the best software in parental controls that we highly recommend for you. Qustodio is not only available on Windows Mac but also in Kindle, Android, and iOS. You can set the time limits for your children to operate the PC while you aren’t at home. Moreover, you can also block pornography or other unsuitable content for your children.

2. OpenDNS Family Shield

OpenDNS Family Shield

If you want to control your children at the PC level, then they probably can open prohibited sites using another device. FamilyShield can automatically block some domains that contain pornography, anonymizer, and also tasteless content. This application will automatically block them and run at the router level. They will run over the DNS server number.

3. Kidloger


While controlling the children, you can be a covert rather than show your control. Instead of blocking some sites or contents, Kidloger will give you information about Web history, use of applications, and also files on the device. You can see your children’s activities and give them some advice while they break the rules.

4. Zoodles Kid-Friendly Web-Browser

Zoodles Kid-Friendly Web-Browser

Instead of keeping an eye on your children every time, you can use a special web-browser for your children. Zoodles is very suitable for your kids in the early stage of introduction about the internet. This web-browser can filter online experience with only child-friendly content so your children can’t open other sites. Above all, this application can give your kids books, games, and videos.

5. FoxFilter


A device usually uses Google Chrome or Firefox as the main web-browser application. You can also control your kid’s activities using the Add-on on these browsers, FoxFilter. With this Add-on, you can write down some prohibited keywords and they will block it automatically. Moreover, FoxFilter can also scan the content on the title or the URL.

6. Spyrix Free Keylogger

Spyrix Free Keylogger

The last best ‌ apps for‌ parental controls ‌ ‌that might be suitable for your needs is this Spyrix Free Keylogger. The free version of Spyrix can monitor your kid’s activities but it can’t stop them to access the site. This application might be not the perfect one to choose if your kids are still too young. But with this application, you can see what stuff they bought on the internet.

So these are 6 recommendations of the best apps for parental controls we can give for you. Instead of paying some bills only to protect your children.

How To Fix NVIDIA Control Panel Missing

NVIDIA Control Panel

When it comes out that NVIDIA control panel missing must be very frustrating. NVIDIA control panel is an application to adjust the driver settings. Moreover, this small application also uses to optimize the maximal performance of the hardware. There are some issues that can cause this problem.

The problem could be because of corrupt registry issues or outdated driver. However, when it’s missing, there are still some ways to fix it.

NVIDIA Control Panel Missing

Below are how to fix NVIDIA control panel when it is missing.

  • Restart The Computer

The first thing to do when the NVIDIA control panel missing is restarting the computer. Moreover, restarting the computer after a long time of inactivity will give fresh air. This way usually works for some reasons and resolve the problem.

Restarting the computer just like refreshing. Furthermore, an internet connection, it also refers to refresh. We use refresh to reload a page that stuck and doesn’t show up.

  • Modify Registry Values

Another way to do it is by modifying registry values. It’s because the control panel missing is usually related to improper or corrupt registry values. Moreover, this way is tricky because only a correct execution will solve the problem. There are several steps to do this modification.

Firstly, open up a “text editor”. Then, type/paste “Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00. After that enter and paste [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NVIDIA Corporation\NvTray]. Then, enter again and paste [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NVIDIA Corporation\NvTray\0_nvupdt.dll]. At last, paste again “FullPath”=”C:\\Program Files\\NVIDIA Corporation\\Update Core\\NvGFTrayPlugin.dll”.

After that, save the file with a .reg extension in driver C. Next, run the file before restarting the PC.

  • Reinstall NVIDIA Graphics Driver


Reinstalling NVIDIA graphics driver is one way or another. Sometimes, after updating an application, corruption during update happens. Thus, uninstall the application and install it again could be a choice to fix the corruption.

To reinstall it, first, uninstall the application by opening Driver Easy. After that, select “Tools” then select “Driver Uninstall”. Next, click the “Display Adapters” to choose “NVIDIA graphics driver”.  After that, click the “Uninstall” button then restart the computer. Well, it’s time after the computer is back to normal.

Press the “Windows logo and E” on the keyboard. Then, in driver C choose Program Files (x86). In addition, you also need to delete all the NVIDIA folders in program files. Finally, you can install NVIDIA again.

  • Update NVIDIA Graphics Driver

The last way to fix the issue is by updating the NVIDIA Graphics Driver. Updating the driver will help to improve some performances that aren’t there before. Thus, an update could help to make the NVIDIA control panel shows up again. Moreover, make sure that the update runs well.

  • Unhide The Control Panel

During the upgrade, Windows might hide the NVIDIA control panel. As a consequence, NVIDIA usually refers to be missing. Whereas actually Windows accidentally hides it. There are some steps to unhide the control panel.

First, invoke Run dialog by pressing the Windows Logo Key and R on the keyboard. Then, you type “control” and press enter. This way will open the control panel of Windows. After that, click View or Desktop in NVIDIA Control Panel.

At last, give a check in Add Desktop Context Menu. Give a right click to your desktop to check whether it’s already appeared or not.

Those are a brief explanation about how to fix the NVIDIA control panel missing. Some guidance above could clear up the error in the NVIDIA control panel.

Smadav 2019 Features, Including Pros and Cons

Smadav 2019 Features

What’s so special about Smadav 2019? You probably have this question in mind when you are browsing for answers, looking for the right protective software for your needs. You are probably not using Smadav. You have used other types of antivirus programs but you are thinking about using Smadav for your protection. What should you know about it? How do you find this software useful for your needs?

Smadav and Its Various Features

Smadav is one name among other names of antivirus programs that have been around for a while. You have heard about this name before but you don’t really know what to expect when you finally choose this software.

Smadav has always been used as the extra antivirus software that is claimed to deliver better result in protecting your computer, especially the Window-based PC. But there you have it, the software is said to be ‘an extra software’ which means that it is generally used NOT as the main software of the computer. The software is often used to perform the scan and check for the external devices, especially the USB flash drive. When used to scan the flash drive, it can find the suspicious files quite fast and effective.

The Pros and Cons

So, what’s so special about Smadav 2020? Just like other things, this anti-malware software does have some positive outcome and result. However, different people are coming with different opinions and feedbacks. Some people are quite satisfied with the quality and performance of the software. It is pretty light. It also comes in two major options: the free service and the paid one. The free service alone is pretty good at delivering fast and simple checking. The software also runs in real-time protection so it is pretty updated and you can expect the most current outcome.

Smadav 2019 Pro Version

However, the software is only able to detect and find popular test files. If it ‘recognizes’ the popular files, then the scan can run fast and super efficient. Finding out malicious and suspicious files can take place in such a short while. However, if the suspicious files aren’t coming with the common formats, the software may miss it – thinking that it is harmless. As the result, your computer will have to deal with greater security risks because of the ‘missed’ files.

Final Word

If you want to use Smadav, it would be wise to use it as the additional program – not the main program. Things would be different if your computer is super simple with nothing important kept in the system. If this is the case, you probably think that Smadav alone would be enough to protect the system.

However, if you use your computer for important stuff, especially for storing and keeping confidential data, it would be better than you use other antivirus software (preferably the one with stronger features) as the main protection and then use Smadav as the additional program. So, what’s so special about Smadav 2019? It is quite useful and handy for the extra backup for your computer needs.

How To Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac

Since transferring photos has become the most interesting finger act nowadays, I am sure that you are eager to know How To Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac. Moreover, if you have already your new bought iPhone, you must have collected so many photos from the camera trial to photo editor trial. Having finished with those photos, you definitely want to transfer them to your Mac, don’t you?

No worry! This article comes to accompany your following step by step to transfer all of your photos to your Mac. We have taken some ways of transferring photos from iPhone to Mac. You will be able to apply these ways because we have selected the more applicable and the simplest way of all.

2 Best Ways How To Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac Easily

First Way: Use AnyTrans for iOS with 1-Click

To transfer photos from iPhone to Mac, one thing you need to have is the iPhone Computer transfer tool which is easy, efficient and able to sync the photos from your iPhone to Mac. The steps How To Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac are as follows:

  1. The first thing you must do is to download AnyTrans for iOS on your Mac to enable the system.
  2. Next, after downloading the app, you must install it as well as run it.
  3. Don’t forget to connect your iPhone to your Mac using USB cable along with the click of Device located on the Homepage of AnyTrans for iOS.
  4. Tap on Content to Mac for sure.
  5. Choose your photos based on the categories such as Camera Roll, Photo Library, and etc. choose and click the button “Select” to pick up your photos.
  6. The next step is to review the photos you have exported on Your Mac.
  7. Look at how well-organized your photos are.

Second Way: Use AnyTrans for iOS

The second way of How To Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac is to use the common AnyTrans for iOS. This way is especially to transfer specific photos to Mac.

  1. Make sure you have downloaded AnyTrans for iOS on your PC. Install the app as soon as you have downloaded it.
  2. Do the same step as I have described in a first way, that is connecting your iPhone using the USB cable. Click also “Device” on the homepage.
  3. Choose your photos from the photos category. Select some specific photos you want to transfer to your Mac.
  4. The next step is to click the button “To Mac” to get your photos transferred from your iPhone to your Mac.
  5. Now, look at you Mac computer. Your transferred photos have already been there.


Now that you have known How To Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac, you will be able to transfer either all of your photos or some of your selected photos only to your Mac computer. Provide your app of AnyTrans for iOS and install it soon to help you transfer your photos easily. Prepare your USB cable, too, to connect your iPhone to your Mac and all the things are done.

Best Weather App for Android

Are you sure you don’t need any Best Weather App for Android? In these times of modern world supported with modern technology, living life becomes so easy. Wherever you want to go, you don’t have to worry about predicting how the weather will be. You just need to search your weather menu on your phone screen and tap on it. The weather forecast will appear based on the given location.

If you don’t have the weather app yet, your visit to this page is the right choice since we are going to present a review of the Best Weather App for Android, you also can check this page for Best Weather Websites. Check it up soon as follows:


Today Weather is categorized as a newcomer for weather app scene. Nevertheless, it offers an impressive performance along with its UI simplicity. Using this app, you will be able to easily read as black as an abyss. This app appears by displaying your name and weather information based on the locations you have just type on. You can select the sources from AccuWeather, Dark Sky and Yr.No. Yr.No is a Norwegian forecasting service which presents accuracy about the weather forecasting outside America.

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather is the prettiest weather app among the Best Weather App for Android available. This app is supported by Weather Underground. Therefore, the forecast and the related data are more accurate based on the personal weather stations. You can select a beautiful image for the app from New York City or Walt Disney World.

Yahoo Weather’s layout is also nice that you can check multiple locations quickly by scrolling up-down and side-to-side.

Dark Sky

Are you looking for the most popular weather apps that are widely used around? That is Dark Sky. It is very popular with “hyperlocal” accuracy particularly on predicting the rain. Another supporting feature is the global map view. This feature will show you where the rain or snow is likely going to fall.

Another feature is called “Do Not Disturb Mode” which means that the weather notifications will not disturb you when you are sleeping at night.


As one of the Best Weather App for Android, 1Weather comes amazingly featured by the customization options and a large number of weather widgets. In this case, you are able to customize the widgets by the six ways to Sunday. The extended use of 1Weather provides very few flaws to be attributed to the horizontal layout. For instance, you need to press the expand button before you zoom the radar map.

1Weather is not free. You must purchase it on one-time.


One Best Weather App for Android coming with so many widgets is AccuWeather. It also has high accuracy. AccuWeather comes with a very nice dark theme option. Although some ads may appear, you have an option to disable them.


In conclusion, installing the Best Weather App for Android is a very important thing to use your phone optimally. Along with the weather apps, you can always check the weather forecast before doing the outdoor activities.