Free Computer Softwares that Let Your PC Run Smooth as A River

If you have computers at home, and you feel your computer is quite laggy, you have to find out what causes it right? Because normally, people want a PC or a laptop that run smoothly without any trouble to do the task from college or from the office for work. Well, there are several reasons why your laptop or computer becomes laggy. First, is because of the hardware of the laptop itself, and second is because you have too many virus and junk files that haven’t been removed for a long time, third is because your laptop is too old to run the software that is already developed.

Yes indeed, you can actually change your laptop right away and buy the new one, if you afford to buy one. But, if you don’t have the budget to buy the new laptop, and you still need your laptop badly, you should try to download this software that will be discussed below. This software will let your laptop run as smooth as new just like when you bought this laptop for the first time. Care to read what is that software? So, let’s jump in.


This software is very popular among the world as the tool to clean the junk in your laptop or personal computer. Not only that, CCleaner also let you throw away the unused app that is not used for a long time and then uninstalls it for good. All you have to do is download this software and run the instruction for several clicks and bam!, your computer’s junk is gone now.

CCleaner also lets you monitor what kind of software that run at the startup of the laptop. So, when you boot the computer or your laptop, the machine does not have to take too long time to boot. The interesting thing about this software is that the software can also manage the registry of your system and rearrange it to become well-arranged. This means that there is a no more unused registry, and your computer will run very smooth just like when you first use it.

When you feel like the browser of your computer is taking too long time to reload a page, you might also consider downloading this app. Cleaning your history browser is easy peasy, you can do it with just one click.


When your computer feels laggy and slow, there is a possibility that the virus has attacked your computer. There are a thousand types of the virus with some unique characteristics, and the point is, all of them will make your computer slow or laggy. The aggressive virus can even shut down your laptop and make you need re-install the operating system to get rid of it. So, before the virus gets aggressive, you should install some antivirus for your laptop.

There are many kinds of antivirus sold on the internet. One of the best and popular antivirus for computer or laptop is Avast, Avira, Kaspersky and Windows Defender. You can choose one to defend your computer from virus.


If the virus, especially the malware types has already attacked your computer aggressively, you need an even more powerful antivirus to remove all the virus on your laptop. There is a software that is called Malwarebytes that will let you remove and destroy any malware or suspicious content that makes your PC feel laggy and slow. You can download this antivirus for free, but it is only a trial what last for several periods. Purchase the pro version to get permanent usability of the Malwarebytes and to get more features.

Memory Improve Master

Memory Improve Master is one software that is used to minimize slow computer systems. This software is designed to optimize and monitor computer systems so that they will run better and faster. This software includes software that is easy to use without the need to register with a key or serial number. To get it, it’s free or free but with pretty satisfying results. How to use this software can be directly installed and run on your computer. If there are many applications on your computer that are burdensome to memory, this software will compress it so that memory will be simpler. But if the memory used by your computer is not how burdensome, then the software will free up unused memory.

Summing up from the explanation above, the point is, the Memory Improve Master software is a software that will keep your laptop run smooth and fast, and it makes your memory laptop maintained well.

Well, those are some software that you can download easily on the internet to get your laptop feels fast just like new. There are actually several ways to make your laptop fresh again by doing maintenance.

First, you can do defragment to the hard drive in your laptop or computer. Defragment will let the file of the system become tidy and placed where it used to be. It will also clean some file that is unnecessary and throw it into the trash. Second, you can throw away the unnecessary junk and thumbnail by going into Windows Administrative tools and go for the defragment and optimizes drives. There you will be served with the windows on how to defrag and clean the hard drives you have on your computer.

Well, that is all about the software that will make your computer as good as new. I hope this article will give you some benefits and hope that software will help you in boosting the performance of your laptop.