How Long Do Eggs Last Inside And Outside Refrigerator

How Long Do Eggs Last

Everybody knows that temperature is key when you want to store food longer. Eggs have some way to save so it can last longer. How long do eggs last inside and outside the refrigerator will be explained below.

How Long Do Eggs Last

Inside Refrigerator

Eggs Inside Refrigerator

With a refrigerator, you can store all types of food and hold them to last longer. Eggs also can be saved by the low temperature too. Here is how long do eggs last in the fridge with three different conditions.

  1. Freezer

If the eggs are frozen, it can save up to a year. You can separate the yolks and white, then store them inside a different container.

Once it freezes they can last for a year. It can make you cook more flexible and efficient because salt and sugar can be added too before it freezes.

You can also blend the whole eggs and freeze them. It can save up to 4 months.

  1. Door

This method is not recommended to store the eggs. Then, when store it in the refrigerator’s door how long do eggs last? It only can hold the eggs for a week.

When the door is open and close often, the temperature is rapidly changing. It is not good for the eggs it can make them broke faster.

If you already place them in the refrigerator doors for a couple of weeks, please make sure that the egg is still good enough to eat. Test them by sink it to the water or crack it in a bowl to see whether the egg is good or not.

  1. Fridge Shelf

While you placing whole shell eggs in the fridge shelf, it can last longer than when you put it in the door. It can save until 4 or 5 weeks if you are asking how long do eggs last while store here.

Make sure to store them inside the refrigerator with temperature below 7°C. This temperature can save the eggs from bacteria and hold them to stay fresh.

Outside Refrigerator

Eggs Outside Refrigerator

If you see the eggs at the market, you will realize that they are not stored inside a refrigerator. The market will leave them in normal room temperature. You can do this too at home. Here is how long you can hold the egg outside the refrigerator with some different conditions.

  1. Raw Egg With Shell

A raw egg which still in a shell and doesn’t have any crack can stay more than a month in normal temperature. If you want to store them at the kitchen, don’t wash them.

Leave the dirt and let the egg still at the same temperature as when you bought it at the shop. Place the egg in an open container so they can interact with fresh air too.

But even it is good to save them for some weeks, please make sure to buy enough eggs to eat for some day. A fresh egg will still have more nice quality if it cooked immediately.

  1. Leftover Eggs

When you are making some dish like a cake or bread, you may miss counting and left some eggs. In a normal room temperature, it can last up to 2 hours.

To save them, you can put into a container separately between white and yolk. Then place them inside a refrigerator.

It can last until 2-4 days. So you can cook another dish with those leftover eggs. To know how long do eggs last, you can check it by it smells and shape. If it does not look like fresh eggs, simply throw them away.