How To Fix NVIDIA Control Panel Missing

NVIDIA Control Panel

When it comes out that NVIDIA control panel missing must be very frustrating. NVIDIA control panel is an application to adjust the driver settings. Moreover, this small application also uses to optimize the maximal performance of the hardware. There are some issues that can cause this problem.

The problem could be because of corrupt registry issues or outdated driver. However, when it’s missing, there are still some ways to fix it.

NVIDIA Control Panel Missing

Below are how to fix NVIDIA control panel when it is missing.

  • Restart The Computer

The first thing to do when the NVIDIA control panel missing is restarting the computer. Moreover, restarting the computer after a long time of inactivity will give fresh air. This way usually works for some reasons and resolve the problem.

Restarting the computer just like refreshing. Furthermore, an internet connection, it also refers to refresh. We use refresh to reload a page that stuck and doesn’t show up.

  • Modify Registry Values

Another way to do it is by modifying registry values. It’s because the control panel missing is usually related to improper or corrupt registry values. Moreover, this way is tricky because only a correct execution will solve the problem. There are several steps to do this modification.

Firstly, open up a “text editor”. Then, type/paste “Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00. After that enter and paste [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NVIDIA Corporation\NvTray]. Then, enter again and paste [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NVIDIA Corporation\NvTray\0_nvupdt.dll]. At last, paste again “FullPath”=”C:\\Program Files\\NVIDIA Corporation\\Update Core\\NvGFTrayPlugin.dll”.

After that, save the file with a .reg extension in driver C. Next, run the file before restarting the PC.

  • Reinstall NVIDIA Graphics Driver


Reinstalling NVIDIA graphics driver is one way or another. Sometimes, after updating an application, corruption during update happens. Thus, uninstall the application and install it again could be a choice to fix the corruption.

To reinstall it, first, uninstall the application by opening Driver Easy. After that, select “Tools” then select “Driver Uninstall”. Next, click the “Display Adapters” to choose “NVIDIA graphics driver”.  After that, click the “Uninstall” button then restart the computer. Well, it’s time after the computer is back to normal.

Press the “Windows logo and E” on the keyboard. Then, in driver C choose Program Files (x86). In addition, you also need to delete all the NVIDIA folders in program files. Finally, you can install NVIDIA again.

  • Update NVIDIA Graphics Driver

The last way to fix the issue is by updating the NVIDIA Graphics Driver. Updating the driver will help to improve some performances that aren’t there before. Thus, an update could help to make the NVIDIA control panel shows up again. Moreover, make sure that the update runs well.

  • Unhide The Control Panel

During the upgrade, Windows might hide the NVIDIA control panel. As a consequence, NVIDIA usually refers to be missing. Whereas actually Windows accidentally hides it. There are some steps to unhide the control panel.

First, invoke Run dialog by pressing the Windows Logo Key and R on the keyboard. Then, you type “control” and press enter. This way will open the control panel of Windows. After that, click View or Desktop in NVIDIA Control Panel.

At last, give a check in Add Desktop Context Menu. Give a right click to your desktop to check whether it’s already appeared or not.

Those are a brief explanation about how to fix the NVIDIA control panel missing. Some guidance above could clear up the error in the NVIDIA control panel.