How to Remove Audio From A Video Easily

How To Remove Audio From A Video

Adding music to a video can make the video more dramatic and give a different effect to video. Therefore, to give the best effect, it is best to remove the original audio from the video. How to remove audio from a video can be tricky because it can affect the quality of the video. Therefore, when you remove the audio, make sure it doesn’t compress the quality of the video.

There are many ways people can edit and move audio from a video. But to make it easy, people can just download editing programs or media players that provide this feature. Usually using these apps, people can easily remove the audio without having to destroy the quality of the video. The steps in each app are usually the same, so it doesn’t matter which app people use. Here are the easy steps on how to remove audio from a video that you can try:

How to Remove Audio From A Video Easy To Follow

1. Download App

To help you have the best quality of the video, download an editing program like Filmora for Windows or KineMaster for Android that can help remove audio. Download an app that doesn’t change the quality of the video or the sound.


If you are planning to use it only for one-two videos, then download a free version app. The free version provides the feature to remove audio from a movie. When you have downloaded the app, install it too.

2. Open/ Add the Video

Next, open the app and choose the menu to add video/ convert. When you choose this menu, you will get to choose which video to upload. Make sure the format of the video can be opened by an app that you have chosen.

3. Remove the Audio

In each app, you will see an option to edit/cut/remove. Usually, these are the options that will appear on the menu. Choose one of the menus that appears. You will then get to choose the amount of audio that you want to remove. If you want to remove the whole audio, then enter the length of the whole video. As for those who want to remove a certain part only can also choose the start and end of the time. Make sure to input the right time so you don’t remove the wrong audio.

4. Convert, Start & Save

When you have determined the length, then all you need to do is execute the process by clicking convert/start/enter. Usually removing the audio-only will not take a lot of time, so it should be quick. When your process has finished save as the file. By saving as you will still have the original file and also the new file.

5. Recommended Apps

From many kinds available, the apps that are easy to remove audio from a video is VLC media and Bandicut. Both apps provide steps on how to remove audio from a video which is easy to follow. Removing the audio with these apps also doesn’t compress the quality of the video.

For those planning to remove audio should know these steps on how to remove audio from a video. Just make sure that the size of the video is also not too big, because it can slow down the process. Make sure to save the file when you have finished editing the video.