Smadav 2019 Features, Including Pros and Cons

Smadav 2019 Features

What’s so special about Smadav 2019? You probably have this question in mind when you are browsing for answers, looking for the right protective software for your needs. You are probably not using Smadav. You have used other types of antivirus programs but you are thinking about using Smadav for your protection. What should you know about it? How do you find this software useful for your needs?

Smadav and Its Various Features

Smadav is one name among other names of antivirus programs that have been around for a while. You have heard about this name before but you don’t really know what to expect when you finally choose this software.

Smadav has always been used as the extra antivirus software that is claimed to deliver better result in protecting your computer, especially the Window-based PC. But there you have it, the software is said to be ‘an extra software’ which means that it is generally used NOT as the main software of the computer. The software is often used to perform the scan and check for the external devices, especially the USB flash drive. When used to scan the flash drive, it can find the suspicious files quite fast and effective.

The Pros and Cons

So, what’s so special about Smadav 2020? Just like other things, this anti-malware software does have some positive outcome and result. However, different people are coming with different opinions and feedbacks. Some people are quite satisfied with the quality and performance of the software. It is pretty light. It also comes in two major options: the free service and the paid one. The free service alone is pretty good at delivering fast and simple checking. The software also runs in real-time protection so it is pretty updated and you can expect the most current outcome.

Smadav 2019 Pro Version

However, the software is only able to detect and find popular test files. If it ‘recognizes’ the popular files, then the scan can run fast and super efficient. Finding out malicious and suspicious files can take place in such a short while. However, if the suspicious files aren’t coming with the common formats, the software may miss it – thinking that it is harmless. As the result, your computer will have to deal with greater security risks because of the ‘missed’ files.

Final Word

If you want to use Smadav, it would be wise to use it as the additional program – not the main program. Things would be different if your computer is super simple with nothing important kept in the system. If this is the case, you probably think that Smadav alone would be enough to protect the system.

However, if you use your computer for important stuff, especially for storing and keeping confidential data, it would be better than you use other antivirus software (preferably the one with stronger features) as the main protection and then use Smadav as the additional program. So, what’s so special about Smadav 2019? It is quite useful and handy for the extra backup for your computer needs.